Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Effluence of Charisma

You were leaving and we weren't meant to be there. I was lucky to have even made it. We saw the beginnings of the sunset before our eyes were diverted to one another. You leaned down to hug me and, just as it surprised me the first time, it took me by surprise a second time; the sudden burst of bubbly words you hear so often and always take for granted.

"I love you."

Without a second thought, my chin wedged into the crook of your neck and slurring my words so I felt like they didn't seem as firm as yours, I uttered its lover's counterpart, "I love you, too."

Then we parted, and I didn't get to see you anymore. Left with that awkward feeling. Upset that you uttered the words before me, and feeling like I didn't get to affirm my feelings for you first. Did I just fail, again?